Adapt + Overcome

Embrace the Suck: Christopher Schmitt

April 22, 2020 The Human Impact Studio Season 1 Episode 3
Adapt + Overcome
Embrace the Suck: Christopher Schmitt
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Hello, darkness, my old friend…” is the first thing Chris Schmitt hears in his head of when faced with overwhelming challenges.

Chris is no stranger to ambiguity, as a US Army Green Beret who led teams in relentless environments in Afghanistan, the Sahara/Niger, Western Europe, and the Balkans. He advised the President of Mali in counter-terrorism infrastructure and directed friendly forces in uncertain combat environments.

Today Chris embraces the sound of silence in the great outdoors: he founded Azimuth Consulting Group to facilitate leadership workshops and non-traditional, adventure-based, leadership development.

This series is produced by The Human Impact Studio of TA Group Holdings, a veteran-owned firm, in partnership with NuWest Healthcare which is staffing hundreds of travel nurses for the coronavirus response across the nation. The series is dedicated to our brave nurses and healthcare workers.

Stepping into the swamp
We've been here before
"Embrace the suck"
Bridging empathy & competence with clarity
Overcoming "existential angst”
Breathe, laugh, catch a ray
Resilience vs. the stress response
Resilience as a team sport
TP and a talisman
Message to healthcare workers / first responders